BRAVO! -- Music Education Outreach

BRAVO!  is SATORI's outreach program for music education, and includes:

  • In-school educational chamber music programs and special projects, tailored for students from grade school to high school
  • The Gift of Music program, providing musical instruments for needy students in area music programs -- see video HERE

In-school educational chamber music programs.  SATORI offers a wide range of in-school educational programs, including assemblies, classroom presentations, student master classes, and residencies. Programs offered may include an exploration of the Hispanic heritage and guitar in classical music; concerts featuring international music and composers, American music and composers; rhythms and dances; and basic musical theory and structure; as well as full student concerts featuring themed and curriculum-based selections from the chamber music repertoire.

SATORI’s Artist-in-Residence program offers students the opportunity to learn and appreciate chamber music, taught and performed in their schools by professional musicians. Residencies may extend through an entire semester; mini-residencies, from 3-8 weeks in length, or even during a single week, are also available. Click here to download more details on some specific programs.


The Gift of Music project.  SATORI's Gift of Music project collects, restores, and distributes band and orchestra instruments to local music instructional programs, and thence to students who may be unable to afford the cost of buying or renting an instrument. In the Gift of Music program, donated instruments are collected at various businesses, concert venues, and community organizations. Local instrument repair shops recondition these instruments, which are then distributed at no cost to area schools and organizations. Since 2003, SATORI's Gift of Music program has collected, repaired, and donated over 760 musical instruments, an estimated instrument value of over $198,000, to 56 different area schools and community music programs.

To schedule a school performance or residency, donate an instrument, or with any other questions, contact SATORI:

2985 Fairfield Drive North
Allentown, PA 18103